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   In order to provide a better environment to enrich the social  environment of residents, Hall 8 has organized a number of activities organized in the passing year. Some have become our routine practices.  For example, Hall 8 organizes a birthday party each month to celebrate the birthday of the residents who are born in that month. Floor Gathering has also been organized by different floors either individually or jointly to provide a casual environment for the residents to communicate with each other.

   Outdoor activities have been attractive to them, since many of our residents are not local students. Our Hall has organized a one-day trip to Lamma Island, Cuttlefishing evening, BBQ and Hiking. In addition, our Hall has also organized some indoor  activities, for examples, Cocktail reception at the beginning of each semester, Christmas Party, Happy New Party and so on.    

  With the joint effort of our tutors and enthusiastic resident helpers, our Hall also organized its first Formal Dinner on February 2005 with a theme on Chinese culture. It has been a great experience for many of our residents. In addition, our Hall has tried and will continue to organize activities which may help our residents in their further study or career development. For example, our Hall organized a seminar on study in the America, which was delivered by Mr. Stuart Bullington from the International Students Incorporation in order to enable our residents to have a better understanding of the situation and preparation for studying in America.