About JCHH

    In August 2002, the Humanity Hall building was officially opened. Jockey Club Humanity Hall was named in honor of The Hong Kong Jockey Club whose generosity made the building of the hall possible.

    If your observation is good enough, you will find each hall has different colours of postal boxes. The colour of Blue is our hall colour. it is the colour of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.

    Carp (鯉魚) is the mascot of our hall. In the Chinese Culture, Carp represents good luck and wealth. In the Japanese Culture, Carp is a symbol of masculinity and success in life. Moreover, the hall T-shirt designed in 2008 has also adapted this Carp to symbolize the hall number “one”. Since then, our hall has won the Overall Champion of Inter-hall Competition for two years.

    Being the tallest Hall and the first one to be christened, Jockey Club Humanity Hall is the second Hall housing the largest number of residents. In line with the name of the Hall, the Residence Master, Dr. Elaine Au together with all the Residence Tutors and residents submit to the ideology of "humanity" – viewing people as essentially good and growth-oriented. The motto of our Hall is "Be Living in Humanity Hall, Believing in Humanity".

Hence, JCHH positions itself as a platform to facilitate students to learn and to build respectful interpersonal relationships through hostel life. Our Hall is always supportive to a variety of student activities, ranging from academic, cultural to community involvement. We believe that students as well as all young people will enhance their social skills and achieve mutual respect through group life and participation.