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The following are the members of our team




Mrs. Ip Yim Yan Mun, Bonny

葉嚴仁敏女士 (Bonny)

Residence Master
E-mail: scbon.ip@cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 34428748

電郵: scbon.ip@cityu.edu.hk
電話: 34428748

Mr. Cheung Sai Hung


Chief Residence Tutor (11-12/F)

E-mail: saicheung9@cityu.edu.hk

首席舍堂導師 (11-12樓)

電郵: saicheung9@cityu.edu.hk


Ms. Chan Lai Ting, Kristy

陳麗婷小姐 (Kristy)

Residence Tutor (13-14/F)

E-mail: laitingchan25@gmail.com  

舍堂導師 (13-14樓)

電郵: laitingchan25@gmail.com  

Mr. Hong Man Ho, Dickson

康文顥先生 (Dickson)

Residence Tutor (9-10/F)

E-mail: dickshong2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk

舍堂導師 (9-10樓)

電郵: dickshong2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk

Ms. Lam Ka Yui, Kyra

林嘉蕊小姐 (Kyra)

Residence Tutor (7-8/F)

E-mail: kayuilam5-c@my.cityu.edu.hk

舍堂導師 (7-8樓)

電郵: kayuilam5-c@my.cityu.edu.hk

Ms. Zhang Hanyu, Sunny

張焓鈺小姐 (Sunny)

Residence Tutor (5-6/F)

E-mail: hanyzhang7-c@my.cityu.edu.hk

舍堂導師 (5-6樓)

電郵: hanyzhang7-c@my.cityu.edu.hk

Mr. Wong Sui Hong, David

黃瑞康先生 (David)

Residence Tutor (3-4/F)

E-mail: suihong1234@hotmail.com

舍堂導師 (3-4樓)

電郵: suihong1234@hotmail.com

Ms. Chow Wing Yan, Natalie

周詠殷小姐 (Natalie)

Residence Tutor (1-2/F)

E-mail: wychow29-c@my.cityu.edu.hk

舍堂導師 (1-2樓)

電郵: wychow29-c@my.cityu.edu.hk


Dr. Chow Oi Wah, Esther

周愛華女士 (Esther)

Residence Master
E-mail: esther.chow.ss@cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 34423259

電郵: esther.chow.ss@cityu.edu.hk
電話: 34423259

Miss. Chan Yee Wah, Hannah

陳倚華小姐 (Hannah)

Residence Tutor (13-14/F)

E-mail: yeewchan8-c@cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 62961356
To be a good RT is a role not for the faint of heart. On top of school life, there is charting a balance with hall responsibilities, social life, and other obligations. That said, this does create a great opportunity for growth and learning.

舍堂導師 (13-14樓)

電郵: yeewchan8-c@cityu.edu.hk
電話: 62961356


Mr. Ching Kwok Ming, Cash

程珏鳴先生 (Cash)

Residence Tutor (11-12/F)

E-mail: kmching2-c@cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 66425430
I highly appreciate our residents' attitude in connecting to the society and offering helps to the disadvantaged groups through doing social services. Let us explore the world together by walking into the society.

舍堂導師 (11-12樓)

電郵: kmching2-c@cityu.edu.hk
電話: 66425430

Mr. Xu Bing Ze, Jack

徐丙澤先生 (Jack)

Residence Tutor (9-10/F)

E-mail: bingzexu2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 65607672
For every member of Hall 5, the key to stay happy is keep interested and do the things you like. Hall5 is exactly where you can find those things you prefer. Hope you can live, learn and grow in Hall5.

舍堂導師 (9-10樓)

電郵: bingzexu-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
電話: 65607672

Miss. Chan Mun Ting, Jenny

陳敏婷小姐 (Jenny)

Residence Tutor (7-8/F)

E-mail: jmtchan4-c@cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 67001327
Over the period living here, I feel like getting back home. Hallmates chit-chatting with each other, helping and cheering for each other during hard times, every memories here bring this home a better place.

舍堂導師 (7-8樓)

電郵: jmtchan4-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
電話: 67001327

Miss. Zhang Hanyu, Sunny

張焓鈺小姐 (Sunny)

Residence Tutor (5-6/F)

E-mail: hanyzhang7-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 67282595
Being a Residence Tutor in Chan Sui Kau Hall makes my life more colorful. And working together with my fellow RTs to assist our Hall Master is also a precious experience. People might see things differently and what I learnt from being a RT can be put into my future life. In short, being a RT in hall 5 might not be easy, but for me, it is an interesting and meaningful period.

舍堂導師 (5-6樓)

電郵: hanyzhang7-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
電話: 67282595

Mr. Law Jun Hui, Jun

劉俊輝先生 (Jun)

Residence Tutor (3-4/F)

E-mail: junhuilaw2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 96070038
Hall 5 is a great house for students who seek for a good living environment, with many social activities. Noise makers are not welcomed in the hall which makes the hall a good living environment.

舍堂導師 (3-4樓)

電郵: junhuilaw2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
電話: 96070038

Miss. Heng Zuo Haan, Zoe

王舒涵小姐 (Zoe)

Residence Tutor (1-2/F)

E-mail: zhheng2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 53743081
. I would like to take the chance to shout out to all the dedicated sports players and singers for representing the hall and making us proud! It has been one of my greatest pleasure to service and be part of Hall 5 :)

舍堂導師 (1-2樓)

電郵: zhheng2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
電話: 53743081


Dr. Chow Oi Wah, Esther

周愛華女士 (Esther)

Residence Master
E-mail: esther.chow.ss@cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 34423259

電郵: esther.chow.ss@cityu.edu.hk
電話: 34423259

Miss. Chan Yee Wah, Hannah

陳倚華小姐 (Hannah)

Residence Tutor (13-14/F)

E-mail: yeewchan8-c@cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 62961356
In life, we rarely get the chance to live in the same building with over 300 of our peers. It is in this special stage of university life in Hall 5, that we cease the opportunity to create a home with our fellows, pursue our dreams and make deep friendships that will weave into beautiful memories we cherish.

舍堂導師 (13-14樓)

電郵: yeewchan8-c@cityu.edu.hk
電話: 62961356


Mr. LI Haotian, Ronnie

李皓天先生 (Ronnie)

Residence Tutor (11-12/F)

E-mail: haotianli4-c@cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 67380941
Greetings everybody! I am Ronnie, your residence tutor. Currently I am a year 3 student major in computer science. If you guys have any questions or thoughts like to share, you can always approach me or other RTs! We would be glad to help to create a warm and cozy residence community!

舍堂導師 (11-12樓)

電郵: haotianli4-c@cityu.edu.hk
電話: 67380941

Mr. WANG Zhao, Matthew

王钊先生 (Matthew)

Residence Tutor (9-10/F)

Phone: 6488-7775
Hall 5 is place where we can find a balance of independence and community, diversity and likeness, living and learning. We hope hall 5 can be a loving and caring place for all of our residents here.

舍堂導師 (9-10樓)

電話: 6488-7775

Miss. YU Jo Ching, Teresa


Residence Tutor (7-8/F)

E-mail: joching1810@gmail.com
Phone: 6828-9311
Hello everyone, Welcome to Hall 5 : ) New academic year is coming, I am counting on you to make your best year yet in Hall 5! I am here to support every step of your way and hope to bring you a fruitful hall life : ) I am fond of music, reading, cooking and travelling. Feel free to talk to me. Wish you all have a great year!

舍堂導師 (7-8樓)

電話: 6828-9311

Miss. Chan Ka Hei, Agnes


Residence Tutor (5-6/F)

E-mail: khchan462-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 6147-6839
Hall 5 is a place where we gonna live, learn and grow this year. I hope you can feel the warmth here and enjoy our culture in caring the society. I wish you all a fruitful year ahead and see you around!

舍堂導師 (5-6樓)

電話: 6147-6839

Mr. Cheng Chung Ki, Cliff


Residence Tutor (3-4/F)

Phone: 6826-9960
Hello everyone! Welcome to hall 5. I wish everyone can find their place in the hall, blending into the big society. Wish you a happy year and enjoy the time living here!

舍堂導師 (3-4樓)

電話: 6826-9960

Mr. Kong Ka Wai, Kawai

Ka Wai

Residence Tutor (1-2/F)

Email: kawaikong4@cityu.edu.hk
Phone: 6235-9045
Hall 5 is indeed a great place for all of you. As a residence tutor, I have devoted my efforts in establishing a wonderful environment to all residents with the supports of my teammates. I sincerely hope you guys will enjoy the time staying here. With your enthusiasm of contributing Hall 5, we can make it a better home.

舍堂導師 (1-2樓)

電郵: kawaikong4@cityu.edu.hk
電話: 6235-9045

As a student-oriented team, we aim to provide an amiable and enjoyable living to our residents. Feel free to find us if you need any help!


"ABC" Motto


Hall life is a part of university life where students can live, learn and grow happily together. To develop hall spirit, CSK Hall has its "ABC" motto - "Affection, Bonding and Care".




Students are encouraged to develop a sense of affection for each other through experiencing satisfactory, on-going relationships with their hall-mates. CSK Hall provides residents with a family atmosphere to form a solid foundation for their study and social activities.




This is the development of relationships based on mutual respect and acceptance of differences. We support all non-local students in our Hall as a way to embrace diversity. We encourage residents to integrate and participate in all Hall activities so as to build up multi-cultural friendships.




This is our care for the needs, well-being, and academic performance of our residents. We support each and every resident to achieve optimum academic performance, and we show our care by distributing fruits and drinks during the revision weeks. Other activities like study tours, "scholarship trips", and mental health talks will also be arranged to enhance broad-based learning.


All these aspects in CSK Hall help our residents to take every opportunity to benefit from, and enjoy their university education to its fullest.



The story of Hall 5, Chan Sui Kau Hall.



  • 2000-2004

    Our Bright Beginnings

    2000年 至 2004年


    In 2000, City University of Hong Kong launched the student resident project. Phase 1 development was completed in 2002, while Hall 5 was officially opened in Sep 2004, phase 2 of the project.


  • April 2006

    Naming Ceremony of the Chan Sui Kau Hall (Hall 5)

    2006年 4月

    陳瑞球堂命名典禮 (第五座)

    Thanks to our donor Dr. Chan's donation, Hall 5 is named officially as "Chan Sui Kau Hall" since 12th April 2006.


  • 2009


    Formation of the CSK Hall Scholarship Team


    Each year, the recipients of the Chan Wing Fui Scholarship / SEAL Scholarship of our hall (Around 16 people) will become the members of the CSK Scholarship Team. The Team aims to organize academic-related activities for our residents.


  • May 2016

    2016年 5月

    Volunteer Work in Bangkok


    In May 2016, our Management Team organized a study tour to visit Bangkok, Thailand. Social contribution is one of our highlights in this tour. Before the trip, participants organized toys collection campaign / fund rasing in the hall community, which we were able to take those toys and money to an orphanage in Bangkok later in the tour. Furthermore, we also successfully collected tons of can rings from the hall community as well as other parties in Hong Kong. Those can rings were also brought to an NGO in Bangkok to make prosthesis for the needy.


  • Be Part
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Contact Us


Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Residence Master,
Dr. Chow Oi Wah, Esther.


Residence Master
Dr. Chow Oi Wah, Esther
周愛華女士 (Esther)

Chan Sui Kau Hall (Hall 5)
Student Residence
City University of Hong Kong
陳瑞球堂 (Hall 5)

CityU Student Residence
22 Cornwall Street,
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
香港 九龍區
歌和老街 22號